Inner Growth  ... OFF THE GRID  ... in a CaribbeanTM

If loving these islands must be my load
​out of corruption my
soul takes wings.

-​Derek Walcott

This island is heaven
away from the dustblown blood of cities;
see the curve of bay,
watch the straggling flower

pretty is the winged sound of trees,
the sparse-powered sky,
when lit is the night.
For beauty has surrounded Its black children
and freed them of homeless ditties.

  ​                -"As John To Patmos"
                              ​Derek Walcott
Jesus is the perfect example of a life 
​lived Off the GriD.
His life's narrative depicted 
a devil and a desert
- the grid -
or, ​if you will, the ego. 
​It's a profound lesson of what we must be aware - and of what we must boldly confront within ourselves - in order to enjoy that, also found within us, Divinity.



It's about being more mindful
of your thoughts, your exercises,
and your food.  They all have a
profound effect on you-
and on others!​​​​