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Caribbean Quotes
" I know that I have a purpose to bring the next generation home !
This is coming from a little girl born in Brooklyn, who walked city sidewalks, and was surrounded by skyscrapers, glistening lights, and stretched highways but ...

always had the desire to lay on the earth of my grandparents souls... loved listening to old time stories about the travels / life in SVG- my granddad was a police officer , who swooned my grandma. My grandmother was a registered nurse & midwife in Barrouallie who delivered over 150 babies ! I loved coconut sweet tarts, cod fish cakes, roasted breadfruit, cassava, and dumplings made from my grandmother's hands... while she mixed the cocoa tea with lots of sugar !! I am indeed grateful
                                                                       Kim Richards-Ashley
                                                                August 2010
When I do what I do, I don’t just do it for fame or money or whatever!
" I do it because there’s a drive inside me that says to me, you’ve been given a great gift and you have no choice; it is your duty to do something with it or you are negating everything, every belief that your parents or God has put inside of you ” 

                                                                         Kimya Glasgow

Fashion Designer

Fruit trees, ground provisions, forestry, sustainable fishing or shellfish farming, yes, hustling de honky for a dolla n hopin that if and when oil prices go back up they will still come, nah man!
Time de island people wake up n realize that de land n sea is all we have to live off n pass on n awaken from the foolish dream of concretification of creation. Cars = bills n pollution, roads same, we can’t afford that in our small islands but its all we seem to be seeing..........crazy man 
                                                 September 2010
I can’t see myself doing tourism again, it’s just a short term material gain leaving awhole heap o   - - i t behind for the next generation.