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Beyond Survival Advantage Server: A Detailed Account of Caribbean Tennis History, A Visionary Call to Action for A Post-Caribbean People A Caribbean Journey of Tragedy Triumph and Transformation Paperback

In Beyond Survival Advantage Server, Michael Nanton and Chester Connell tell of Caribbean tragedy, triumph and transformation. They do so through a well-researched, deep and detailed history of tennis in the Caribbean. This is unprecedented, a first. This Caribbean context is simultaneously transmitted through memoir. This is Caribbean story: pretext, context, post text. The authors experienced the Caribbean, and outside the region, from the middle of the twentieth century to the present. Yet the Caribbean high-rise, multi-story building of history, with an infinite number of stories, remains largely unconstructed, unwritten. At the same time, unfortunately, a "modern", "post-colonial" cultural construct - without the significant stories of many Caribbean others - without the larger truth of what was, is being built across the archipelago, even as the authors write. The publishers hope you enjoy reading Beyond Survival Advantage Server and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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