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Chester Connell

Embark on an extraordinary journey guided by Chester Connell. The journey takes diverse paths, one of which seeks self-realization through storytelling. Another path leads to our vision of a wider, stronger, multidimensional bridge, with a deeply-embedded relationship infrastructure, between the peoples of the Caribbean and the peoples of Taiwan. 

Chester Connell is a brand the mission and vision of which encourage, guide and remind citizens of the region, referred to as the, “Caribbean”, to re-cognize their own dormant power, especially the power to self-actualize, stolen historically by European plantation owners and over the past half-century by local and regional politicians.

Chester Connell seeks to inspire “Caribbean” persons through the process and influence of storytelling. The brand Chester Connell seeks in particular to help persons of the region write,  publish and market their own personal, ontological and cultural story thereby setting ourselves free of a corrosive political system and of corporate dictatorship of minds.

Explore the dynamic between the Caribbean and Taiwan 

Uncover a world of vibrant cultural exchange between the Caribbean and Taiwan. Dive into captivating stories, witness the fusion of diverse talents, and experience the exciting synergy between these two dynamic regions.

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The Our Father Prayer in German Chester Connell
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Shape of A Warrior by Peggy Carr
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Beyond Survival Advantage Server
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Beyond Survival Advantage Server

A rich exploration of Caribbean history intertwined with the evolution of tennis in the region. Authors Michael Nanton and Chester Connell offer a deeply researched narrative that spans from the mid-twentieth century to the present day. This memoir-style book illuminates the triumphs, tragedies, and transformations of the Caribbean while reflecting on the broader cultural constructs shaping its identity. Through their unique perspective and extensive experience, the authors provide unprecedented insight into the Caribbean's past and present.

Beyond Survival Advantage Server
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